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Top Beers to Combine with Your Weed

Some users find that combining their cannabis with alcohol enhances the experience. But the true secret to success is learning which beverages go best with your cannabis. Although the combination of alcohol and cannabis may be a lot of fun, it's also essential to be careful. When combined, the effects of alcohol and cannabis are very enjoyable.

Alcohol has been shown in studies to reduce the activity of molecules in the body responsible for breaking down cannabinoids. Beer can help you stay high for considerably longer than smoking weed alone, thanks to the fact that alcohol lowers the metabolizing rate of cannabinoids. To counteract the negative effects of alcohol, though, it's essential to select cannabis that pairs well with your preferred alcoholic beverage. It's common knowledge that hybrids and Indicas benefit from being paired with a beer.

Cannabis and BeerCannabis and Beer

When smoking cannabis, most beers go fine. Beers like lagers, ales, blonde ale, crisp lager, and other basic beers are wonderful selections when discussing the best beers to match your cannabis. Cannabis is often best enjoyed with a simple lager.

Remember that cannabis will overshadow the beer and make it taste amazing. As you learn more about the cannabis and beer combination, creative new beer pairings come to mind. There are many ways in which cannabis and beer, particularly hoppy varieties, are alike.

Hop is a herb added to beer during brewing to help the drink retain its taste and aroma. Hops and cannabis have many similarities, which may explain why the two go so well together.

Cannabis and Wheat Beers

Mosaic hops give wheat ales their silky mouthfeel and delicate, refreshing flavor. This beer's potent aroma pairs wonderfully with the flavor of cannabis. Cannabis-infused beer is a delicious treat in and of itself. The beer has tropical fruit flavors and aromas, making it taste like a high-quality strain of marijuana.

The wheat ale's malt flavor is excellent and lingers at the back of your palate, where it mixes harmoniously with the earthy cannabis flavor you're tasting. The taste profile achieved by combining wheat ale with an earthy and tropical cannabis strain is one you will appreciate with every inhale and exhale.

It's also possible to mix wheat ale with an acidic cannabis strain. The wheat ale beer gets a strain of cannabis to make up for the lack of lemony zing.

Finding the Perfect Match

The answer to the question of which beer goes best with marijuana is typically a matter of taste. The key is to identify a complementary pair. The quality of the beer itself becomes less important once you've determined which cannabis strain goes best with it.

If you want to know if beer and cannabis go well together, you should consider whether or not the beer and weed combine well on your palette. You must also ensure the match enhances the flavor of the cannabis and beer. When you combine the two substances, you should receive a pleasant synergy.

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