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6 Factors That Influence Your Weed Experience

How cannabis affects a body varies from person to person. Even when using the same strain and dosage, the effects of marijuana on different people might vary widely. When it comes to getting high on weed, there are a lot of external and internal factors that might make a difference. That's why today, Carlsbad Dispensary explains the factors that can affect your marijuana experience.

1. Consumption FormConsumption Form

The way you consume cannabis has a significant impact on how quickly you feel its effects, how long they last, and how strong they are. Smoking or vaping marijuana can produce immediate results, and the experience can last anywhere from one to several hours, depending on the strain and intensity.

The effects of cannabis are caused by the body converting THC into 11-Hydroxy-THC, a metabolite that crosses the blood-brain barrier. Since 11-hydroxy-THC also has a longer half-life, it's easy to see how ingesting cannabis can produce a more prolonged euphoric high than smoking or vaping.

2. Tolerance

Your familiarity with drug use can affect your tolerance. Although some people appreciate being carried along by the euphoria of a cannabis high, others can't stand being paralyzed by the drug. If you've never tried a strain before, it's best to ease into it slowly to observe how it affects your system. Increasing your intake should only be done if you are already feeling well when high.

3. Dose

The dose of marijuana can vary depending on whether you smoke, vape, or eat it. The dosing of edibles is the trickiest. Particularly so with homemade dishes. The amount of marijuana in each mouthful could vary, making the cannabis high unpredictably strong. The amount of THC to CBD in your cannabis might also affect how high you get. High THC content produces a more potent high.

4. Environment And Mood

The environment in which you consume marijuana can significantly affect the intensity of the high you experience. You can use the same amount of the same strain for two days and get completely different effects each time.

Outdoor pot smokers often fear being caught and punished. There is a possibility that this can make people more paranoid. Consuming weed with friends may help you to relax and open up.

Keeping a record of how you react to marijuana in different situations can be helpful.

5. The Body

How your body responds to cannabis can also depend significantly on your weight. It takes more cannabis for a person with more body fat to feel the benefits. Your metabolism, the state of your respiratory system, the condition of your liver, and even some pre-existing medical conditions can affect your high.

Food and Alcohol6. Food & Alcohol

It is best to consume marijuana without other substances you may be taking. As for food, the cannabis high will be different if a person has not eaten all day, although the extent to which this is true remains debatable.

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There isn't one single story about how people feel after using marijuana. Remember to take it calmly and easily with any form of consumption, as your reaction will vary depending on a wide range of internal and external circumstances.

Knowledge is power, so do your research, and know marijuana and how it will affect you personally. Maintaining a constant and secure high requires knowing your tolerance, preferences, and emotional state.

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